Our Comprehensive 75 Point Sales and Marketing Plan
    1. 1.  Place advertisement with Sellstate Performance Realty and the rest of our affiliate Brokers!!!
    2. 2.  Feature listing on our interactive website www.SellingLincoln.com which gets over 100 unique visitors every single week. (Property will include multiple pictures as well as a customized description about the home).
    3. 3. Take professional photos of your property to be featured on www.SellingLincoln.com and over 30+ other Real Estate websites!!!
    4. 4. THE DELUXE SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE - Place ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  and our HIGHLY VISIBLE FACEBOOK REAL ESTATE FAN PAGE!!!
    5. 5.  Promote the properties to 25 Top Realtors and Real Estate Offices in your area.
    6. 6.  Perform a Reverse Prospecting Search to attract prospective buyers within the MLS.
    7. 7.  Help sellers relocate locally, or out of area with highly experienced Real Estate 
    8. Professionals across the GLOBE-so the seller is sure to have the highest quality agent to help them on both sides of their move to make it worry and stress free.
    9. 8.  Have a direct line that buyers can call for the property to allow them to access information about the property at their convenience – We’re always available.
    10. 9.  Weekly meeting with Sellstate Performance Realty to mastermind what steps have been completed and executed in the marketing of the home.
    11. 10.  Maximize showing potential through professional signage.
    12. 11.  Electronically submit the listing information to the Multiple Listing Service for exposure to over 1000+ active real estate agents in the Multiple Listing Service area.
    13. 12.  Enter seller’s name and address in the Herms Real Estate – Sellstate Performance Realty Database system to keep seller informed of market changes, mortgage rate fluctuations, sales trends or anything that may affect the value and marketability of their property.
    14. 13.  Provide Open Houses with a licensed Realtor at seller’s request.
    15. 14.  Explain the use of the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement the seller will complete, and that will be presented to the buyer of their home.
    16. 15.  Price the property right the 1st time…to open the market vs. narrow the market.
    17. 16.  Promote the property at the weekly company sales meeting.
    18. 17.  Advertise the property electronically to all the local Realtors with full color flyers emailed directly to their inbox
    19. 18.  Suggest or advise changes to make the seller more saleable and attractive to buyers.
    20. 19.  LIVE BUYER LEAD GENERATION – Calling prospects, FSBO’s looking to move etc.
    21. Contact our buyer leads, center of influence, and past clients for potential buyers. 1500+ Contacts
    22. 20.  Assist seller with interim financing if necessary.
    23. 21.  Provide professional home stage consultation if desired.
    24. 22.  THE DELUXE VISUAL MEDIA PACKAGE - Provide Professional Photography, Floor Plans, Video’s, virtual tour and a custom URL highlighting detailed property features!!!
    25. 23.  Prepare a full color photo flyer with a list of features of the property to leave at the home for visitors to take with after the showing.
    26. 24.  Submit the property to Top Internet Sites: Realtor.com, SellstateNE.com, HomeFinder.com and more than 500 others. – INCLUDING COMPETEING BROKERAGES WEBSITES
    27. 25.  Submit the property to web-based buyer classifieds (Trulia, Craigslist, Zillow, etc.).
    28. 26.  Promote the property at all Sellstate Performance Realty marketing sessions.
    29. 27.  Represent the seller on offer presentations, and negotiating the best price and terms.
    30. 28.  Handle the entire escrow process for the seller.
    31. 29.  Research properties current use and zoning.
    32. 30.  Deliver the seller’s check to them at the closing.
    33. 31.  Provide the seller with a list of preferred vendors as needed.
    34. 32.  Provide a list of Interview questions for prospective seller to use when interviewing agents.
    35. 33.  Research tax records to verify full and complete legal information is available to prospective buyers and buyer’s agents on MLS printout.
    36. 34.  Provide a FREE Staging Consultation for Qualified Clients or Checklist to suggest constructive changes to the property to make it more appealing, to show exceptionally well and to help it yield the greatest possible price to an interested buyer.
    37. 35.  Provide seller with a Showing Checklist which offers home showing guidelines to help have the home prepared for appointments.
    38. 36.  Obtain sellers contact information for follow-up and emergency contacts.
    39. 37.  Research ownership and deed type from the Attorney.
    40. 38.  Research property’s land use, deed restriction, and easements.
    41. 39.  Prepare Seller’s Net Proceeds Sheet to seller’s expenses, closing costs and net proceeds.
    42. 40.  Determine if the property qualifies to be toured by agents from my office following our weekly sales meeting.
    43. 41.  Email the Seller once a week with feedback and reports on the property.
    44. 42.  Email the seller copies of advertisement regarding the property.
    45. 43.  Prequalify all prospective buyers to avoid wasting the seller’s time with "shoppers”.
    46. 44.  Monitor the buyer’s loan to assure timely loan commitment.
    47. 45.  Assist with all inspections including Whole-House Inspection, Water Reading and Final Walkthrough.
    48. 46.  With the seller’s permission, provide and arrange for contractors to perform agree-upon repairs.
    49. 47.  Make arrangements with a reputable closer to conduct closing.
    50. 48.  Monitor buyer and agent feedback to make any necessary changes to price, condition, etc.
    51. 49.  Require all offers to include buyers pre-approval and proof of funds for down payment.
    52. 50.  Make available my entire team so that any questions or concerns will be handled in a timely manner.
    53. 51.  Provide seller with a blank copy of the Residential Purchase agreement to review and become familiar with it at the time the offer comes in.
    54. 52.  Write Internet Ads for the property.
    55. 53.  Update qualified buyers with your property information.
    56. 54.  Work to qualify prospective buyers and assist them in obtaining suitable mortgage financing through our preferred lenders.
    57. 55.  Revise and update property advertisements to keep them fresh.
    58. 56.  Target the market to determine who the most likely buyer is who is willing to pay the highest price.
    59. 57.  Follow up with all buyer leads and inquires within our goal time of 5 minutes or less.
    60. 58.  Track all numbers to determine where the buyers are seeing the property.
    61. 59.  Improve the marketing of any under-performing marketing campaigns.
    62. 60.  Discuss qualifications of prospective buyers and to help determine buyer’s motivation, ability to purchase and probability of closing the sale.
    63. 61.  100% Satisfaction GAURANTEED. – Have an idea? Want something implemented that isn’t yet?  LET US KNOW AND WE’LL GET IT DONE
    64. 62.  Communication Guarantee, Call the seller once every week WITH UPDATES.
    65. 63.  Specialized team of full time licensed agents and assistants to care for seller’s every need.
    66. 64.  Cooperate with all Real Estate companies in the area.
    67. 65.  Coordinate scheduling of appraisal and provide comparable sales if needed.
    68. 66.  Set up a final walk though of the property for buyers and their agents.
    69. 67.  Arrange possession and transfer of home (keys, warrantees, mail box keys, etc.).
    70. 68.  Help Seller Find their next home if they will be staying in our area.
    71. 69.  Obtain a set of keys which will be inserted into the lockbox.
    72. 70.  Review and explain all clauses in Listing Agreement and other paperwork/agreements.
    73. 72.  Explain the benefits of a Home Owner Warranty with the seller.
    74. 73.  Place a lockbox on the property if allowed by condo association and agreed upon by the seller.
    75. 74.  Coordinate all showings with buying agents and make the property easy to show to agents and buyers.
    76. 75.  Create a lasting friendship with client, providing the seller, their family and friends with a go to Real Estate Consultant for LIFE!!!


Jon Herms
Jon Herms
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